Hey, I'm a Filipina-American. :)
I like to draw on my free time using my tablet. I just started re-using it and decided to post up my pictures. Hope you enjoy!

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Me Likey

07/18/14 - Dark Spud

  • Dark Spud, the Super Potato, tatering bad guys with a…TATE.
  • I woke up with this idea in my mind from one of my conversations with a close friend :P


07/11/14 & 7/14/14 - Baby Rayquaza & Baby Mew (or Chibi)

  • Don’t remember who requested Rayquaza, but here he is w/ Mew when they were “kids”
  • I thought it would be cute to add Mew :3
  • Original Drawings: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/203/2/c/commission___chibi_rayquaza_by_mothergarchomp622-d6emu36.png - http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/099/c/1/rayquaza___deoxys___pokemon_by_nganlamsong-d4vixf9.png - http://i500.listal.com/image/4029665/500full.jpg


07/11/14 & 07/13/11 - Argentina (Charmander) VS Germany (Charmander)

  • Happy World Cup 2014 Final Day!
  • Who are you rooting for—Messi & Argentina or the defensive power of Germany?
  • The charmander was a request from a friend (I decided to add the flags in the background in light of the World Cup [they were just copied and pasted, but charmander and the world cup ball were hand drawn!])


07/12/14 - Dragonite (Color) & Dragonite (Shiny)

  • After an hour of tracing with the mouse (horrible, my hand isn’t as steady as I thought) over my scanned sketch—this is el product! (Not bad, eh?)
  • My friend’s gf suggested I should color it and make it a shiny Dragonite. So I went ahead and made normal and shiny version :)
  • Used Macromedia Flash 8 & (of course) Paint
  • My original sketch: http://idrawchibi.tumblr.com/post/91489529219/07-11-2014-dragonite-from-pokemon-original


07/11/2014 - Dragonite from Pokemon

Original Drawing: http://www.bubblews.com/assets/images/news/1139256322_1386116232.jpg

  • This was for a friend who requested Dragonite.
  • Hand-drawn because my cousin is borrowing my tablet at the moment.
  • Ignore the corny ‘Dragonite’ title xP
  • I was too lazy to color it…